How to Verify Identity for Restricted LinkedIn Account?

Verify Identity for Restricted LinkedIn Account

This is a very common question that several people question themselves when they need to reset their LinkedIn Accounts.

Well, people do not know the process of how to Verify Restricted LinkedIn Account Identity, so that they can verify their identity to confirm that only they regain access to their account, and any unlawful entity is not given access.

So, if you are having the same issue, meanwhile you cannot recover or login into your account or if your account has been restricted? If yes, then don’t worry about this issue. Sometimes, LinkedIn takes your privacy truly and uses the ID’s information provided by you for the sole purpose of seeing that you are actually the authorized person of your account. Then, to come out of this situation, you need to verify your identity by just providing your all-relevant document, ID’s and uploading a clear photo of you. Make sure that your documents are validated by a government-issued ID card, driver’s license, or Passport. By following this condition, you can easily regain access to your LinkedIn account.

Well, Verify Restricted LinkedIn Account Identity means you will need to fruitfully verify your ID, and need to access your PC or Smartphone with a webcam to take a picture of your ID’s Card. Be sure that your Photo, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Documents expiration date are very clear and readable.

What Circumstances Happen That Your ID Verification May Reject If You Upload?

  • When the pictures of an invalid driver’s license, ID’s Card or Passport are not government-issued.
  • When the blurry photos with obstacles like fingers, objects, and other issues.
  • When you submit or upload the Photocopies of your Driver’s License, ID’s card, or Passport.


To Verify Restricted LinkedIn Account Identity, you will need to certify that you upload a clear and unobstructed photo of a valid government issued ID Card or Driver’s License or Passport, and then you can quickly regain access to your LinkedIn account.

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