How to Fix Samsung Printer Not Printing?

How to Fix Samsung Printer Not Printing?

If your Samsung printer is not working so there might be several reasons and these reasons can solve by Lehman. So, don’t worry about it, just follow the below-given issues, and fix the Samsung printer not printing issue in an extremely easy and quick manner.

Solutions to Fix Samsung Printer Printing Problem:

Before starting the troubleshooting process to fix not printing issue with the Samsung printer, ensure that your internet connection is properly working as well as check all the physical connections.

Solution 1: Check the Printer Drivers:

Due to the outdated drivers, sometimes Samsung printer doesn’t print so just visit the official website of the Samsung printer and install the latest driver as per your printer model number.

Solution 2: Check Ink Cartridges Issues:

Open the ink cartridges tank and check the quantity of the colors as well as, you can also check the ink cartridges level indication under the control panel settings. If the ink is dry so just replace ink cartridges as per the quantity and ensure that, you are using branded ink cartridges for your Samsung printer.

Solve Paper Issues: Open the paper try and again align the bunch of paper on the paper tray as well as check the size of the paper. Set the paper alignment as default settings and try to print once again. If you are also getting the same issue so try the below-presented steps.

Solution 3: Check the Setting of Toner Density:

  • Just, try to change the setting of the toner according to the model wise using the below-given steps.
  • Connect your Samsung printer to the computer.
  • Then, open the control panel.
  • Select printer & devices option.
  • After then, move to the density of the toner.
  • Now, increase or decrease the density.

Moreover, just follow all the above-given solutions and Fix Samsung Printer not Printing issue and before starting troubleshooting process, just check the hardware issue as well.

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