How to Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Account?

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account?

Today we can reach the whole world with just a few clicks on Facebook. Whether we talk about building a brand for our business, asking for help during Covid or making a strong network worldwide, Facebook emerged as the strongest social network platform in 2020-21. However, if your Facebook account is deleted, then this facile guide below will help you to recover your deleted Facebook account in just a few clicks.

8 Easy steps to Recover Deleted Facebook Account

  • Browse through the Facebook log-in page and enter the email address linked to your Facebook account.
  • Next, enter the password for your Facebook account and click on submit button. Your Facebook account will be recovered in no time.
  • However, if you don’t remember your Facebook password, then simply click on forgot password link wherein you’ll be asked to enter your phone number or email address whichever is associated with your Facebook account.
  • Once, correct recovery information is submitted, Facebook will send the 6 digit verification code on the provided recovery option. Just submit this code in the required field and then you can reset your password quickly.
  • If you aren’t able to enter the phone number or email or both then choose to answer the security questions that were set up at the time of account creation.
  • If facebook gets satisfied with your answers, then you will be provided with the password reset option.
  • Now that you have recovered your password, don’t forget to save it in the password manager.

Once all the login information is submitted correctly, you can easily recover your deleted Facebook account in less than 5 minutes. But a deleted Facebook account can be recovered only within 30 days of deactivation as after 30 days your account will be deleted permanently.

This is the simple methods to recover deleted facebook account. If you are not able to fix it by yourself then you are free to call out support by given numbers.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Account after 30 days?

Are you looking for a process to recover permanently deleted account after 30 days?

It may have been more than 30 days since you have deleted your account. On a sudden day you may have realized that you may have to relook something which may be of prime importance to you. As a result of this you may be looking forward to recover permanently deleted Facebook account after 30 days. We would be more than happy to guide you with the step-by-step procedure and if you feel your problem remains then do contact us and we would be guiding you in a quick and instant basis.

Steps to recover permanently deleted Facebook account after 30 Days:

Step 1: The first thing which the users would need to do is open the Facebook account in the respective browser.

Step 2: Once the same has been in an effective manner then the next thing which the users would need to do is open the Help Tab which would be available on the Homepage of the Facebook account.

Step 3: Users can next click on I can’t access my account and then complete the process of reactivation of the Facebook account.

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