Why is ProtonMail Not Working?

Fix ProtonMail Not Working

Protonmail Email Not Working? Freeze issue? Loading issue?

Why is ProtonMail Not Working?

  • Sign up page is not fully loaded, some server issues might be there.
  • Network connection
  • Too many users on the app, try after some time
  • Some sites blocks Protonmail

ProtonMail Login issue-

  • Protonmail email Server may be down due to which you are unable to access your account.
  • Your Wi-Fi or data card I may run out so please check with your network.
  • Make sure your login credentials are correct.
  • Your account might be blocked or deactivated for some reason.

Let’s see How Fix Protonmail Email not Working-

  • Go to www.mail.Protonmail.com
  • Click on your account name, click on option get help and in dropdown menu choose report a problem
  • A big report form will open, there you need to report the problem you are facing
  • You need to mention your email address
  • Select the category
  • In ‘What happened’ column you need to provide information about the problems faced by you.
  • You may even attract screen shot for step by step explanation
  • Some of your system information is sent automatically to them and you can even check it.
  • Lastly when done with it click on submit.

In case of some sites blocking Protonmail is because they are not much aware about this a Swiss based email company. It is the largest email service provider in Europe. So many companies block them to reduce spam or allow only recognised email providers like yahoo or gmail.

To Solve this You Can

  • You can write to the company and inform them about Protonmail and allow registration with us.
  • you can write to their support team and ask them to remove the ban from whichever westibe it is.
  • You can use a shorter version of the Protonmail ‘@pm.me’ email address; you may not face such issues. It’s free if charge

Login to mail.protonmail.com, Go to settings, then select dashboard, there You can also opt for a paid plan of Protonmail which costs 4$ per month. With this you can use your domain in email id. (yourname@yourdomain.com)

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