How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad?

Cancel Apple Music Subscription On iPhone or iPad

Apple Music gives you stream to a large collection of music with more than 50 million songs. You can access Apple Music on iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Apple TV, or even Web. You can listen to music whether taking a free trial or a subscription for it. But for any reason, if you are fed up utterly, and want to Cancel Apple Music subscription. Then don’t apprehension! You can do it easily. Here's defined the simple steps to cancel your Apple Music subscription on your devices quickly and easily. Follow these steps now.

Steps to Cancel Apple Music

  • First of all, on your iPhone or iPad, go to the “App Store”.
  • Then, go to the top right corner, and tap on “Apple ID Avatar”.
  • Choose the “Manage Subscriptions” option.
  • Then, find “Apple Music Membership” below “Active Subscriptions” and then tap on it.
  • Now choose the “Cancel Subscription” blue link.
  • It’s time to approve your cancellation by hitting on the “Confirm” blue link.
    That’s it.

Cancel Apple Music subscription On Mac

  • On your Mac, open the “iTunes”.
  • Hit on “Account” in the menu bar
  • Then tap “View My Account” in the menu.
  • Now you need to log in with your “Apple ID” and “Password”
  • Then scroll down till you view the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Hit on “Manage”, then find your Apple Music subscription. Hit on “Edit”.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”, and confirm the cancellation.

Note: Therefore, it’s a very simple process to rapidly cancel Apple Music.

How to Cancel Apple Store Subscriptions?

If you want to cancel an App Store subscription for which you are presently paying, then don’t panic! Here’s defined very easy steps through which you can swiftly cancel any ‌App Store‌ subscription on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. Then follow these steps to Cancel Apple Store Subscriptions with an easy procedure.  

Cancel Apple Store Subscriptions On Phone or iPad

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open directly “Settings”.
  • Then pick the “iTunes & ‌App Store” option‌.
  • At the top, tap your Apple ID shown in blue.
  • When the pop-up appears, then hit on “View ‌Apple ID” ‌
  • It’s time to sign in to your “iTunes Store” by entering login credentials or “Touch ID” or” Face ID” if requested.
  • Hit on “Subscriptions”.
  • Then tap on the subscription in the list which you need to cancel.
  • Hit on the “Cancel Subscription” button shown in red at the bottom.

Now you are done successfully.

Cancel Apple Store Subscriptions On On Mac

  • First, open the iTunes application.
  • In the iTunes window, select the “Store” section at the top.
  • Hit on “Account”, which placed just below the “Store Quick Links” option.
  • Now, log in by entering your ‌ “Apple ID”‌ if requested.
  • In the “Settings” section, hit on “Manage” next to Subscriptions.
  • In the “Active Subscriptions” section, hit on “Edit” nearly the subscription that you want to cancel.
  • Hit on the “cancel subscription” option shown in red at the bottom.

You are completed.

Cancel Apple Store Subscriptions On ‌Apple TV‌

  • Go to “Settings” on your ‌“Apple TV‌”.
  • Choose “Accounts”, and then “Manage Subscriptions”.
  • Select the subscription which you want to end.
  • Hit on “Cancel Subscription” and approve that you want to cancel.

Now you are done.

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