Google Play Store Not Working Properly? Here's How To Fix It

The apps powered by Google drive Android devices. These apps need to be updated quite frequently, especially when you want to get another application. So, Google Play Services may fail sometimes. It is worth playing around with it if you are facing any type of technical issues with this Google-powered application. Uninstalling the Google Play Store is the final thing you could do in order to settle this concern. Do this by opening Settings, accessing Apps, selecting Google Play Store, and clicking on “Uninstall updates.” Interestingly, the first thing is to wipe out both the cache and data by following the same steps. Let’s discuss these two workarounds one by one. Here we discuss 5 amazing ways to fix technical issues with Google Play Store Not Working.

Different Ways to Troubleshoot Google Play Store Not Working

Method 1: Remove Google Play Store cache

Your phone reduces data usage and speeds up loading time by storing data locally – such data helps you in accessing the web pages. We technically call them to cache. Wiping out the cache created in Google Play is an awesome tool in dealing with this problem. Furthermore, the removal of very old cache data could enable your device in misbehaving. So, it is suggested to clear the cache from time to time.

  • Open Settings
  • Select the “Apps” option
  • Find out the Google Play Store and tap on it
  • You will get many options, including a “Clear cache” button
  • Simply click on it

Method 2: Delete Google Play Store data

Remove data if the Google Play store not working yet. However, removing the cache is not enough. You also need to delete your Google Play Store data. You can do this by accessing your Settings and navigating App Manager. The steps are similar to the removal of the cache. Here you need to select “Clear Data” instead of hitting “Clear Cache.”

Method 3: Restart your router and Wi-Fi

The restart could be another genuine way to get rid of the concerned issue. We suggest you restart your router once. It will restart your Wi-Fi. This solution may not resolve your issue, but the chance is there. Try it!

Method 4: Have you disabled any app recently?

There are applications that need each other in order to work properly. So, you need to take a look at the disabled apps if you are facing difficulties in working with Google Play Store. Open Settings, navigate the Apps option, and scroll all the way down. Hence, you will get disabled apps. Enable those apps immediately.

Method 5: Do you have an incorrect date and time settings?

Incorrect date and time settings could lead a range of performance issues with Google Play Store, including Google Play store not working issue. It occurs due to any server issue in Google. Such issues don’t allow the users in syncing date and time settings. If you are a victim, just go back and put them on automatic. If that is not helping you, try to configure your time and date as exactly as you can.

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