Google Play Stuck on Download Pending

Fix Google Play Stuck on Download Pending

Google Play has the backbone of Google where users can get any type of application that can find and install on their mobile phone. But, if you are getting Google Play Download Pending issues and due to this problem, you can install a new app on your android device. It’s disappointing not to be able to download any application from the play step. But, don’t worry about, here are various methods where you can easily solve play store downloading pending issues immediately. Just see the below given different-different methods:

Method 1: Find the Phone Storage:

Android application uses three ways of storage space. one is apps which you want to download and another one is a data file and finally cache which you can easily remove. If you want to check your phone storage, just see the below-given steps.

  • Just open your Android device and tap on the Settings option.
  • Scroll down and select the Storage section.

Accordingly, if their storage is full so just go the file manager selection and remove videos, files, photos, or others and then download any application from the play store. After clear the storage space, if Google Play Download Pending so just go ahead to another resolving method.

Method 2: Clear the Cache of Play Store:

Due to bad cache Google play store doesn’t respond on application downloading so before doing anything, just remove the Google play cache:

  • Tap on the setting icon.
  • Choose the Apps & notification option.
  • Click on the Google play store app.
  • Go to the Storage & Cache section.
  • Press the clear button and restart your device.

Method 3: Uninstall Play Store Update:

If your Google play store update is pending so sometimes, you can’t install any application through play store.

  • Open the settings application.
  • Hit on the apps & notifications.
  • Choose the Google play store.
  • Press the three vertical dots. (Situated to-right corner)
  • Tap on Uninstall updates.

Now, download a new application using play store but still Google Play Download Pending problem is getting so just go for another method.

Method 4: Use Google Play Through Another Account:

Maybe something is going wrong on your Google account. For this reason, you are troubling to install a new application from Google play so just remove your primary account and use another Google account.

  • Open the settings application from the android phone.
  • Tap on account option.
  • Locate your account and select your primary other Gmail account.
  • Remove the first account and restart your device.
  • After completion of rebooting, just add your account.

Method 5: Disable The VPN:

If you are using VPN so just disable it because VPN is providing the wrong location to the Google play and for this reason, the play store is not accessing the permission to install a new application on your device. Just see the below-given steps to disable VPN quickly.

  • Firstly, click on the Settings icon from your android device.
  • Choose the Network & Internet section.
  • Then, select the advanced & then press VPN.
  • The checkbox on turn off, if VPN service is active.

Therefore, go to the google play store and type any application for installation. If Google Play Download Pending problem is getting the same so go with another method.

Method 6: Check Download Preference:

If you are continuously changing your download preference so it can hindrance on the installation of a new application from Google play store. To get an instant solution, you have to adjust the preference for the installation app via wireless and mobile data.

  • Just go to the google play store.
  • Tap on the menu icon (Situated in the upper left corner)
  • Click on the settings.
  • Choose the Download Preference App.
  • Set any network and finally hit the done button.

Method 7: Check the Recent Downloads:

This is the most common issues which generates the Google Play Download Pending problem because downloading pending option always keep in the auto-update mode.

  • Open the Google play store.
  • Then, go to the My app & game section.
  • Check the downloaded applications are waiting for updates.
  • Now, press the Stop button.

Method 8: Check the Internet Connection:

If your internet speed is not getting up to the mark so sometimes, it generates issues while downloading any application so before proceeding, any above issues, just check the wireless and cellular speed of the internet.

Method 9: Restart Your Android Phone:

If you are applying above-presented each and every method and after then, Google Play Download Pending still generating issues so just restart your device through the power button and then download a new application from Google play.

Method 10: Check Bluetooth:

If you are trying to download an application after an active Bluetooth connection so it can affect your installation because some devices don't support Bluetooth on the duration of application download.

Method 11: Remove all Pending Application Updates:

After lots of effort, if Google Play Download Pending issue is not solved, so don’t worry, just remove application updates that are still pending from Google play. To those steps, just see the below-given information.

  • Just go to the google play store.
  • Tap on the menu icon and then press the My Apps & Game section.
  • Application is still pending for update so just tap on Stop button.
  • Now,  restart your device via power button and then use Google play store.

Method 12: Factory Reset Your Phone:

The factory reset is also known with formatting and hard reset but it will use some serious causes and after all above methods are not getting the proper solution and still your Google Play Download Pending issue occurring so resort your issue by Factory Reset option:

  • Again, go with setting application.
  • Now, choose the System option.
  • Press on the Reset section.
  • Follow the display instruction.
  • Reset your android device via Factory settings option.

For More Information contact Google Support Number.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are my Apps Just Pending and not Downloading?

    • Your phone storage may be running out of space for accommodating any of the new apps.
    • Due to large numbers of cache of Google Play account.
    • Due to Low or No internet connectivity.

    You can solve these problems or just contact Google Support.



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