How to Fix Google Nest not working in Minutes?

Fix Google Nest not Working

What is Google Nest?

Google Nest is the product of Google company. In other words, Google company develops and manufactures the Google nest. These are small home devices. The company name of the nest was originally owned by Nest Labs. There are so many users of Google nest are increases day by day. There are numbers of products are manufacture by Google nest, all are given below:

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat
  2. Nest protect.
  3. Nest Indore and outdoor cam
  4. Nest secure
  5. Nest hello
  6. Nest x Yale
  7. Nest wifi

All are the electronic, programable, and self-learning wifi-enabled devices. With the Google nest mini you can give the command to your smart tv, refrigerator, Ac, LED lights, etc. In this way your home becomes smart.

How Does Google Nest Work?

The Google Nest is the third-party devices to communicate with Nest products like virtual assistants, along with many third-party home automation platform. Google Nest is a very famous device but still, some people do not know about the Google nest. Most of the people know the Google nest device but not know how Google Nest works if you are also one of them then you do not worry about because here we are going to learn to use Google nest.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat: The Nest learning thermostat is the product of Google nest, it improves the cooling and heating of homes to keep energy.
  2. Nest protect: The nest protects is the detector device. It detects smoke and carbon monoxide. The Nest protects comes into a multicolor light ring. The red color will show if an alarm is sounding and the yellow color indicates a warning. It communicates with you via your smartphone, in this way you immediately know if there will be a problem.

Google Nest products have become a set milestone by their reviews and feedbacks because Google nest makes their products durable and feature full. But sometimes, user face lots of difficulties in Google nest products so if you are one of them and your Google nest not working due to any technical issues so just follow the below-given steps and get immediate solutions:

Why is My Google Nest not Working?

1. Google nest WIFI not working:

This is very common issues where Google mini is giving a message to you ‘Something went wrong to try again in a few seconds’ after adding your voice and also you can identify after lots of efforts your wi-fi connection is not establishing between mobile phone and Google mini. Then, your Google nest WIFI not working so don’t disappointed, just see the below-given steps and get instant solutions.

2. Step to recovery Wi-Fi issue on Google nest:

  • Just unplug the power cord for 5 minutes.
  • Connect the power cord again.
  • Download and install Google Home on your mobile.
  • If Google home already starts then open the app.
  • It will automatically connect your wireless connection.

3. Major issues when Google nest mini not working:

If your Google nest mini is not responding properly and continuously generating issues such as music is not playing, Google home connection issues, Bluetooth is not working or other similar functions doesn’t work so just see the below given solving steps:

4. Reset Google home app:

  • Restarting is the greatest way to recover when Google nest mini not working.
  • Just open the Google Home app on your mobile.
  • Tap on the home icon. (Situated bottom left corner of the app)
  • Now, touch the setting icon.
  • Select the three-vertical dots under the settings.
  • Hit on the reboot option & press the OK. 

Then, play your Google mini music and it will work smoothly but if Google nest mini not working and having other issues so just see another solving step.

5. Music doesn’t play:

This is very general issues when Google nest mini music doesn’t respond due to some issues such as the song is on and on, not switching another music automatically, and so on. So, just see the actual solution from the playing music issue:

  • Open the Google Home app & choose the settings.
  • Select the home settings and tap on the home address.
  • Enter the address and press the OK.
  • If the address has setup again then change the location of your work.
  • Press the account icon (Situated upper right corner in under Google home app)
  • Select Assistant settings and enter the address in the work and place section and finally tap on OK.

6. Google nest thermostat not working:

Google nest thermostat has made through smart technology but it works with machine learning algorithm sometimes users face lots of difficulties and Google nest thermostat not working so get instantly rid of the problems follow the below-given instructions:

  • Check internet speed & connection.
  • Before going troubleshooting, check the level of the battery.
  • Reboot Google nest thermostat. (Go to the settings > Choose Reset > Touch on Restart)
  • Reset network settings such as Ping speed, Signals strength. (Again, Go to the Settings, Select Reset > Press Network option > Tap on OK)

That’s all.

Why Isn't my Google Nest Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Google nest is the most appropriate tool first launched in European market. It enhances performance of wi-fi networks. It is very useful for the customers who are looking for complete integrated wireless connection for home

Google Nest follow follows the footsteps of Google wi-fi routers trough which internet is connected in the network web. It provides the best coverage to every points at home through router and all possible access points.

However, Google Nest is the best way to get enhance wifi connection, customers experience technical issues. They may stuck in Google nest not connecting to Wifi when getting a new connection or while using it. To fix Google nest connection problem with wifi, follow the stepsgiven below:

  • Check the connection cable, sometimes these are loose or damaged.
  • Switch OFF the router and switch it ON again
  • Sometimes configuration needs to do again and again due to software and hardware update of router. So, perform configuration once again
  • Share the issues with internet service provider if they may help you
  • Perform router factory reset.

After going through following checklist, you can successfully get connected Google nest to wifi. If still having the same connection issues then you may contact to customer support center. The technicians will help you in every manner. They will suggest you few steps to perform at home if it works. Again Google nest not connecting to Wifi then they will fix a meeting with technician who will visit your home to resolve your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Reset my Google Nest?

    Steps to Quickly and Efficiently Reset Google Nest:

    Step 1: Users can switch off the MIC by moving onto the side of the device which will eventually turn OFF the orange light.

    Step 2: Users can next press and hold the center of Google Nest where the lights are there on TOP and after 5 seconds the factory reset process of the device would start.

    Step 3: Users can now continue to hold for 10 seconds and wait until a sound is beeping which will ensure that the reset has been successfully done.

    If you are unable to fix issue by Yourself then contact our Google Nest Customer service at +1 (855) 469-6378.

  • How do I get my Google Nest back online?

    To bring back Google Nest Online just follow the below given intructions:

    • First of all, check the cable and internet connection.
    • Restart your modem or router.
    • You can factory reset your Wi-Fi devices.
    • Check out your configuration.
    • Check with your internet service provider.
    • Contact Google customer support at or Call at +1 (855) 469-6378 from 6AM to 6PM PST.

  • Why is my Google Home not working?

    Common reasons as to why the users may face Google Home not working issue:

    • It could be that there could be connection problems as a result of which they may be facing the problem.
    • Users home location would be incorrect as a result of which the issue may be occurring.
    • Apart from this there would be wide range of reasons as to why users may face Google Home not responding issue.

    If you are unable to fix the issue by Yourself then contact our Google Nest Customer service at +1 (855) 469-6378.



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