Google Meet is a video communications application, Google Meet is developed by Google. It provides online video telephony and video chat via a cloud-based software platform and is used for business meetings, personal use, and interacting with family and friends.

Most Common Google Meet Problems and their fixes

Here is the list of Google Meet problems:-

  • Problems sharing a video screen in Google Meet
  • Problems receiving emails from Google Meet
  • Google Meet video not working
  • Google Meet webcam audio not responding
  • Echoes during Google Meet Call

How to Fix Google Meet Webcam Not Working?

If Google meet webcam is not appearing, the first thing to do is verify that all other programs that use the webcam are closed. Google meet will not be able to use the camera if Google meet customer has already given it access in a different application.

However, sometimes, the problem might not be Google at all. If the Google meet user is on a Windows 10 or macOS device, the webcam may be blocked. The Google meet user can correct this by checking the permissions of the Google meet user’s app to make sure that the Google Meet app or the Google meet user’s web browser can use the Google meet user’s webcam. On the web specifically, the Google meet user can also verify these settings by restarting the Google meet users call and making sure the Google meet user tapped Allow when prompted for access to the camera and microphone.

Troubleshooting Steps to Solve Common Google Meet Not Working Issues

Solution 1: Problems receiving emails from Google Meet

Another common problem is not being able to receive emails from Google Meet. This may include notifications and activation emails. It usually takes 30 minutes to arrive and may take longer, but if it does not, the Google meet customer must ensure that Google meets users email is configured correctly.

Solution 2: Echoes during Google Meet Call

Another common problem with Google meetings is an audio echo during a meeting. If Google meet customer hears audio echo or comments during the Google meet user meeting, there are three possible reasons.

Solution 3: Problems sharing a video-screen in Google Meet

Sharing Google meet users' video screens is an important part of a Google Meet call, and it's as easy as capturing share video screens at the bottom of the window.

If Google meet customer plans to share Google meet users' video screen during a call, they may need to check some settings first. Make sure the Google meet user has a strong internet connection and is connected to the call.

It is also, a good idea to try a Video Screen Share meeting first in the Google meeting. The Google meet user meeting will start with only audio conferences, freeing up some bandwidth. Google meet user video will not automatically activate.

Alternatively, if the customer is already on a call and needs to share the Google meet customer's video screen, try disabling the Google meet user’s video by clicking the Stop-Video button and then selecting the green Share Video Screen button.