Google Meet Not Working? Here's How To Fix It

Fix Google Meet Not Working

What is Google Meet?

The world has move to online and virtual modes to get their task executed with the innovations in technology. Google Meet is one such service through which users can easily conduct online meetings, take online classes, show case the demos of various products and perform all the other activities that can be done in online fashion. In case you have a Google account then you can easily use the services of Google Meet. Google Meet allows 100 participants and 60 minutes to access its service free of cost.

So, in case you have never heard and feel that using this service can make your lives easier than you should give it a try. Go through the next section of the tutorial to gain a complete understanding of the functionality of Google Meet account.

How Google Meet Works?

Now that users have gained a complete understanding of the usage of Google Meet account so the next thing which they would want to know about is working procedure of Google Meet account. This section of the tutorial will offer you all the necessary guidance with regards to the same.

Steps in Order to access Google Meet:

Step 1: In case you already have a Google account then Sign In to the same else create a new account and login to the same.

Step 2: Now users can move on the top right corner and then from the available options they can click on Google Meet.

Step 3: Users can now either join a existing meeting and in case they are the host then they can create a new meeting.


Most Common Google Meet Problems and their fixes

Here is the list of Google Meet problems:-

  • Problems sharing a video screen in Google Meet
  • Problems receiving emails from Google Meet
  • Google Meet video not working
  • Google Meet webcam audio not responding
  • Echoes during Google Meet Call

How to Fix Google Meet Webcam Not Working?

If Google meet webcam is not appearing, the first thing to do is verify that all other programs that use the webcam are closed. Google meet will not be able to use the camera if Google meet customer has already given it access in a different application.

However, sometimes, the problem might not be Google at all. If the Google meet user is on a Windows 10 or macOS device, the webcam may be blocked. The Google meet user can correct this by checking the permissions of the Google meet user’s app to make sure that the Google Meet app or the Google meet user’s web browser can use the Google meet user’s webcam. On the web specifically, the Google meet user can also verify these settings by restarting the Google meet users call and making sure the Google meet user tapped Allow when prompted for access to the camera and microphone.

Troubleshooting Steps to Solve Common Google Meet Not Working Issues

Google meet offers the best video meeting experience without much more efforts as well as it provides multiple features where anyone can easily operate with the best class interface. But, sometimes due to some reason, it doesn’t work, then users need to follow some below given steps and get rid from the Google meet not working problem:

Issue Occurred When Google Meet Webcam not Working:

  • Due to the software of the Google meet.
  • Bad bandwidth connection, then audio and video call don't work.
  • Lack of high-speed internet connection & poor network strength.

Solution 1: Verify the Google Meet Video Functions:

Initially, users need to verify the computer camera like facetime and if you are using the mac OS or Windows computer then, you need to check the camera application and reload again Google meet. But, after the verification, if the Google meet not working then, try another resolving step.

Solution 2: Check Network strength:

If you are using VPN then, immediately disconnect and use the Google meet with an original IP address. Check the network strength as well as internet speed during the call. If you are getting any issue on the network then, close the browser and use Google to meet another web browser.

Google Meet Webcam Not Working on Android Device?

If you are Failed to Join Meeting and get Google meet error when you are joining the meeting so it can be solved using the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the settings & select app management.
  • Then, select the app list & find Google meet.
  • Tap on the “Google meet” option.

            Step 1: Select storage usage & select clear data.

           Step 2: Click on manage notification & allow by the toggle.

           Step 3: Click on permission & allow all the permissions.

           Step 4: Click on mobile data usage & turn on background data.

          Step 5: Tap on open by default & select clear defaults.

          Step 6: Just reboot the smartphone & tap again, Google meet app.

  • Then, select your registered email address and then, enter the Google meet code.

Therefore, users can simply solve the Google meet not working issue on Android phones using the above-presented steps.



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