How to Fix Google Classroom Is Not Working?

Google Classroom Not working

Google Classroom not working? It is a genuine issue, but you can resolve it if you know the reason. Suppose the Google Classroom is shared with a co-teacher who may have already imported the classroom into his/her GoGuardian account. It will not available for other co-teachers to import after the classroom is imported. Or other reasons could be there. We are going to talk about five genuine ways to find out the solution if you claim that your Google Classroom not working. In order to How to fix Google Classroom Not Responding or Not Opening a user can carry out some fixes.

Google Classroom is Not Working, How to fix it?

Many users reported that the Classroom is not responding. This can be a big problem, and speaking of issues, here are some similar problems that users reported:

  • Google Classroom does not respond to Windows 8, 7 - This problem may occur on older versions of Windows, but even if you are not using Windows 10, you should know that almost all of our solutions can work on older versions of Windows.
  • Google Classroom becomes unresponsive after launching and does not close every few seconds-sometimes third-party applications may cause these problems. To resolve this issue, it is recommended to perform a complete system scan and check if it helps.
  • The Google Classroom browser keeps crashing and cannot respond-this is another common problem that can occur. If this is the case, make sure to clear the cache and check if it works.
  • Google Classroom freezes – If Google Classroom remains frozen, the installation may be corrupted, so make sure to reinstall Chrome.

Different Ways to Fix Google Classroom Not Working Issues

Solution – 1 Your class code is lost or you have deleted it

The class code is used once while joining the class. If you enroll in the class, you don’t need to re-use the code again. Have you lost your class code? If yes, ask your teacher to resend the code or configure a new code. The solution we have given here is applicable to you if you have deleted the class code.

Solution – 2 You are using wrong login credentials

Are you unable to make your account sign-in? If so, you might be trying with a wrong set of login credentials. Simply check whether you are using the correct username and password. Also, check that you are using the email account connected to the Classroom.

Solution – 3 Do you have an active internet connection?

Are you facing problem to make your account sign-in even after using the correct set of login credentials? If so, you must have an inactive or slow internet connection. Or maybe you have not connected the wires or activated Wi-Fi on your device. This problem can also occur if your school administrator has not automatically activated the Classroom for new students and users. As Google classroom troubleshooting, simply ask your teacher to make it.

Solution – 4 The Turn in button doesn’t work

Do you have trouble turning in an assignment? Let your instructor know if you are getting an error message while you are clicking on Turn in. We, however, suggest you to try these steps if you can’t turn in an attachment assigned to you and you want to save any work you did in the attachment.

  • Copy and paste your work into a blank document
  • Access the Classroom assignment then
  • Navigate to the attachment
  • Click on Remove
  • Then you need to click on Make a copy
  • Click the new attachment then
  • Now paste any saved work into the new file
  • Click Turn in

Solution – 5 Does your school uses G Suite for Education?

The users sometimes raise a complaint as my class code does not work and it happens if your school has recently introduced G Suite for Education. If so, you are requested to ask your teacher to send a new class code. Maybe your teacher has provided you with a new code, but it is not working. In that case, we suggest you request your teacher to contact the school’s admin. However, you don't need to re-use the class code. 



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