How to Fix If YouTube Not Working?

How to Fix If YouTube Not Working?

YouTube is one of the best platforms of video-sharing. You can upload own videos, vie others video, add to playlist, report, comment, subscribe to other channels, etc. It is also used to watch comedy shows, video, songs, recipes, and so many guideline are also available on YouTube channels.

If you also want to use YouTube then first you need to create an account on it because without it you will unable to use YouTube. Sometimes users are facing some problems while using the YouTube because of some reason, if you are also facing such kind of problem and your YouTube not working, then you can adopt some points which are given below if you have any kind of problems then you definitely get it resolved.

Step by Step Points Are Given Below to Resolve the YouTube Not Working Problems

1. Update YouTube App: Your YouTube application should be running in the latest version because outdated version or old version make you interrupt to use YouTube so that if your app is not updated then you should update now and get the latest features and bugs.

2. Clear YouTube Cache and Data: If you are using your YouTube application for a while then a large amount of cache and data could have built, so in this case it will create problems. You should clear your YouTube cache and data.

3. Sync Date and Time: If your date and time of your device is out of aliment with YouTube server, this is the reason behind of the YouTube have problem. In this case you have one of the best method to solve this is to allow your network to automatically handle the date and time.

4. Check Internet Connection: if your internet connection is poor or not connect then your YouTube will not work properly, in this case you need to change your network or directly contact with your internet provider company to resolve such problems which you are facing.

5. Update Operating System: If you are an android or iOS user then you need to check that your operating system has outdated, if yes then you should update it now because your outdated or old version of OS is creating the problem and unable to run correctly your YouTube app.

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