How to Fix Microsoft Account Not Working?

How to Fix Microsoft Account Not Working?

Are you facing any problems relating to your Microsoft account or using its other service? or your Microsoft account is not responding properly and you are facing difficulties, so you should not worry! Many people dread when keen-sighted a Microsoft account issue, but occasionally it only needs to perform some troubleshooting methods to resolve this problem. So, it’s easy to Fix Microsoft Account Not Working issue with the troubleshooting methods.

Correspondingly, sometimes a Microsoft account issue notification will require you to take a look at the security settings to your account to make it more secure & protected.

Methods to Fix Microsoft Account Not Working Problem:

Here are some methods given which will guide you how you can fix your Microsoft account not working issue.

Method 1: Verify Microsoft Account Credentials

First of all, you should try to verify that your Microsoft account login credentials are correct or not. Because often the issue arises as per users’ point of view when using a local password to log in to a Windows 10 account. Then you will have to fix the problem by using your Microsoft ID and password to log in to your Windows 10 PC.

Method 2: Check your Account Settings

If you are still getting the message then don’t worry! To Fix Microsoft Account Not Working you must try to perform this method which is saying you try to verify your Microsoft account settings once again.

  • Open the Windows 10 PC, and then just press the “Windows Key + I” to open the “Settings” app.
  • Once open the “Settings app” then go to the “Accounts section” and select the “Email & app accounts” from the menu.
  • Then verify your email accounts to view if the whole thing is in order or not.

Method 3: Always Use Your Regular Password

Once you have done the above step, then the next thing you must ensure is that they always try to use a regular password instead of using a PIN to sign in to your account and then resolve the issue completely.

Method 4: Verify Your Email Accounts

When you have more than one Microsoft account, then sometime you experience this problem, due to you using your old email account while installing Windows 10.

Therefore, by adding a new Microsoft account, Windows 10 won’t remember which email account to use and you will receive an error message. To Fix Microsoft Account Not Working issue you will require to log in to your Microsoft Account and then add the email address that you used while installing Windows 10. After that, set the old email account as your default one.


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