How To Fix HP Printer Not Working?

Fix HP Printer Not Working

Are you unable to print or scan with your HP Printer? Or is your HP Printer Not Working and you are unable to perform any task and you are not aware of how to fix it? Then don’t worry about it. Well, it is very common for an HP printer to stop working inside of a task. Many users also reported the same issue but it was also fixed by performing the basic troubleshooting solutions.

Why HP Printer Is Not Working?

The most common reasons behind the issue HP Printer Not Working are enumerated as beneath:

  1. Incorrect printer connectivity issue with PC or any other device
  2. The printer job goes in Queue
  3. Outdated printer driver issue
  4. The printer isn’t set as a default mode
  5. Low printer cartridge ink or low ink toner

Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix HP Printer Not Working:

Solution 1: Cancel All the Pending Printing jobs

Firstly, cancel all the printing jobs that are pending in the printer. Often giving too many print jobs at once can make the printer stop working and the printer goes offline as well.

Solution 2: Set as Default Printer

After that, make sure your HP is set as a Default Printer. In case if it’s not set as a Default Printer then all your printing applications do not go to your printer. Then check to see if the issue HP Printer Not Working is fixed.

Solution 3: Update the latest HP Printer Drivers & Software

You should also try to update the latest Drivers & software of your HP Printer to fix basic Hp printer problems. Just visit the official website of HP Printer. Then there you will be required to enter/pick your printer model Name, and Number. Then find the suitable HP printer drivers & software there, so update it with the help of a Wireless Network/USB Cable easily.



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