How to Fix Google Smart Lock not working?

How to Fix Google Smart Lock Not Working?

Isn’t your Google smart lock working? If the answer is yes, then read this article carefully. It is a very common problem faced by its users, that the Smart lock is not working. There are various reasons for not working with Google Smart lock.

Possible Solutions to Fix Google Smart Lock Not Working

First of all, if you use Google smart lock, you need to enable your location service throughout the time.

Some people made mistakes off/on the location that creates problems in detecting the home location correctly. Here in this article will narrate all-possible methods to fix Google Smart Lock Not Working:

For proper use of Google smart Lock service, you just need to use only one Google account. Sometimes, if there are multiple accounts in your account, the smart lock app gets pulling data from other accounts. So, you may face problems with this app.

You must look at the matter that location is updated properly. If not, the app will not work properly and also the location service must allow in your device setting.

You can also go for other troubleshooting methods like you can delete the trusted location and then again add the same.

Sometimes, a smart lock is not working when the device's battery is optimized. In that case, you need to change the device setting by going to setting followed by Battery Optimization> Google play service> then select the option Not optimized and sane the setting.

Indeed, you can also disable a home location rather than add any nearby location as a trusted location to fix this issue. If you still face any issue with this app, you need to clear all data of the Google play service by going to the google play setting. After cleaning all data, don’t forget to reboot the device which may help to fix the issue. Hopefully, all the above information helps you to fix Google Smart Lock Not Working issue.


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