How to Fix Google Slides are not Working?

Fix Google Slides Not Working

Google Slides can Create and collaborate online presentations in real-time you can Easily edit Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online without even converting them with easy sharing as well as with real-time editing. But everything there are some loopholes too like another service, If there is the issue of google slides not working, this article will address this issue.

Ways to Resolve Google Slides not Working Issue

    • Sometimes if you don't enable cookies Google Slides fail to load that's why make sure you should turn it on in your browser.
    • Make sure you are using its versions of browsers you should use the latest versions of the browsers to open Google slides properly., This is also behind the reason slides fail to load.
    • Still, the slide not opening, You should clean the cache browser as it removes any corrupted
    • Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots More Tools > Clear Browsing Data check on Cached images and files, Cookies, and other sites and tap on clear data. Reopen the Chrome browser and check if the issue of Google Slides not working is resolved or not.
    • Since Google slides is totally web-based so it needs a fast and stable internet connection. Although it saves every slide you make that's why make sure you are using a stable internet connection.
    • Account authentication issues may stop Google slides from working. So log out of your Google account and log in again.
    • Sometimes extensions can also create the problem. If there are many Chrome extensions installed try to disable all of them.
    • Try to open google slides in Incognito mode because it has no saved cache or extensions installed which help to perform more smoothly.

After following these above steps if you are unable to fix Google Slides not Working issue by yourself then we suggest you to contact our toll free numbers given in website.

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