How to Fix Google Hangout Not Working?

Fix Google Hangout Not Working | Not Responding

Google Hangouts are prominent but during Covid era, it became paramount for the business world. Hence, if you notice the red mark on the message sent on Google Hangouts, then don’t get disappointed as here you can fix your Hangout not working problem quickly following some simple solutions stated below!

1. Check Your Internet

Hangouts don’t work primarily due to poor internet connection. Hence, the first and foremost step involves checking your Wi-Fi connection. If Wi-Fi isn’t working, check the router. Unplug all the wires of router and then plug them back again after 2 minutes and try sending the message again. If the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, switch to 4G LTE network using your mobile’s hotspot. To enable the mobile hotspot, open your phone settings and select Connection and sharing tab. Then tap on personal hotspot and toggle-on the hotspot. Now, select your device name from the list of Wi-Fi devices on your PC and enter the password to connect to internet. Once the issue with internet is resolved, your Hangout is fixed. But, if the issue still persists, try the next solution

2. Check your Chat Box Settings

There’s a possibility that Google chat is disabled in your Google account. Hence, you need to enable it and allow all Google hangout notifications to streamline your chat process. Just click on setting icon on your Google account and choose the chat and meet tab at the top. Here, check whether the Google chat is selected or not. If it’s off, then tick on Google chat option and allow all the hangout notifications by clicking on Manage chat settings button. Then save the changes and try sending the message now.

3. Update the Chrome Browser

An outdated version of chrome may also hinder the chat process. So, make sure that your chrome browser is updated to the latest version. To check whether the chrome is updated or not, select the three vertical dots at the top right corner of chrome browser. Then choose more tools.

Here, if you didn’t find the Update browser option, then your browser is up-to-date. But if you can see the update Google chrome option then select it and hit the relaunch tab.

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