How To Fix Gmail Not Working?

Fix Gmail Not Working

How to Fix If Unable to Send Email From Gmail?

 One may be performing their usual operations with their Gmail account. But on a sudden day there may be some important task that may have come in between for which you may be willing to send email from your Gmail account. But as soon as you may have started to perform operation with your Gmail account you may have realized that you are facing Gmail not working issue. You may be trying hard but may be unable to send email from Gmail account. If that is so then this tutorial is certainly going to be helpful for you in that case.

 Here one can expect all the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue and get one stop solution for the same. But in case you feel that something is still pending or something still tends to remain unresolved then one is free to connect with us for the same on immediate basis and get one stop solution for the same without any sort of hesitation or giving a second thought.

Different Ways to Fix Gmail Not Working Issue On One Go

Check the Browser Which is Being Used

  • Firstly users are advised to check their browser if it is compatible with their Gmail account or not.
  • In case if it is not then users are advised to immediately switch their browser and then they can try and access their Gmail account.
  • If that is the real cause or concern then the issue should certainly be resolved for the users in one go.

Check Your Internet Speed and Connectivity

 Gmail being a web based browser always works on internet connectivity. So users are advised to check their internet connectivity.

 In case users do not have any internet connectivity or in case their internet connection is slow then they need to work on that and fix the same so that they can enjoy uninterrupted services with their Gmail account.

Check for Updates in Your Email Account

 Users are next advised to check for updates in their email account which may be pending for long as a result of which users may be facing such kind of issue.

 In such cases users are advised to check for updates in their email account and in case they have any important updates then they should update the same on immediate basis so that they can enjoy uninterrupted services with their email account.


Fix Gmail Not Working in Chrome

Are you confronting a Gmail Sign-in error in chrome?

 In the present scenario, Gmail sign-in error is a recurrent issue encountered by thousands of its users. Hence, we bring some sorely-needed solutions to your “Gmail not working in chrome” problem.

Some common reasons for Gmail error in Chrome are:

  • Older version of Chrome
  • Add-ons or extension restricts the use of Gmail services
  • Bugs in chrome are causing Gmail problems
  • Browser overloaded with cookies and cache
  • Internet connectivity issues

Below are some elementary solutions to fix Gmail not working in Chrome problem:

   Sol 1: Ensure that you own the latest version of Google Chrome

   Sol 2: Clean the browsing data, empty the cache and cookies from chrome.

   Sol 3: Temporarily disable the extensions or add-ons on Chrome

   Sol 4: Uninstall Google Chrome browser and then try to install it again

   Sol 5: Try opening Gmail in the New Incognito window

   Sol 6: Ensure that your browser is compatible with Gmail otherwise switch to another browser

   Sol 7: Make sure that you have a very good internet connection

   Sol 8: Sometimes Gmail server might be down, so close Gmail and your device and restart it again

   Sol 9: Use correct credentials while sign in to your Gmail account.


How to Fix If Gmail Not Sending Emails?

 It is quite frustrating when you will be unable to send important emails which is related to your work. You will get frequent error messages from Gmail server when you try to send an email. It doesn’t allow you to function the mail server. There are several reasons if your Gmail not sending emails to recipients. Sometimes it may be due to the problems at customers end, you can think about your computer system.

 However Gmail is the best emailing platform, it may not work many times due to many reasons. Here we will deal with the culprits which prevents you sending emails through Gmail account. Some reasons are as follows:

Web Browser

 The most appropriate culprit may be your web browser that you are using to send the emails. It blocks and its temporary files don’t allow you to send an email. So what you have to do now if Gmail not sending emails. You just need to check it by sending an email using another browser. To rescue browser related errors we have to do the following tasks:

  • Check browser configuration and update it
  • Delete temporary files immediately
  • Delete cache file and data
  • Disable all browser extensions
  • Reset factory settings of browser

Compute System

If you have tried to send emails through another window and still your Gmail not sending emails then you should look for your computer. Many time issues in your system doesn’t allows you to connect with server, For this you have to perform following tasks:

  • Check Date and time of your computer
  • Change DNS settings of computer
  • Restart router and connect it again

After going through the above checklist you may find you Gmail account active and able to send emails again.

This is the basic reason and solution if your Gmail is not sending emails. I fyou want instant and other support then contact our support for better help.


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