How to Fix Brother Printer Not Working Printing Blank Pages?

Sometimes the Brother printer is not working properly. This problem is a very common problem, there can be many reasons behind this issue like your drivers are out of date, fault connections, it may your configuration is not good in your system and many more. Sometimes a little issue make you frustrated with the printer like having no ink or having a paper jam. Most of the people do not know the instructions of Brother printer not working if you are also one of them then you just adopt the given steps and get to fix the Brother printer not working problem.

Way to Fix Brother Printer not Working

  • First you need to check the connection of your wall power board to the Brother printer power connector.
  • After that check the cabling of your printer to the computer, it must be connected.
  • If there is a network cable running to the Brother printer for Brother network printing then you should make sure that the Ethernet cable is snug and checks your manual to see the blinking lights indicate a network connection.
  • If there are no lights on at the front of your Brother printer and the printer do not look to be powered on in this situation, you should plug-out and plugin it back.
  • Then you must be sure that you press the power-on button on the printer itself.
  • If the light still does not show then you should try another power plug in your home just in case the outlet is out.

By following all the above instructions, if your Brother printer issue still not resolved then you may need to take it to a service center or control Brother support directly for hardware assistance.

What to do if the Brother Printer not Working after the Update?

Sometimes the Brother printer stops working suddenly this kind of issue is not only with the Brother printer but it could be the case with any printer, the reason behind this problem might be any technical reasons. There can be many reasons behind this problem with the printer. Most of the issues can be resolved by you but it is not necessary that every people are well educated and have much knowledge to get all things self.

In this situation, they need some instructions regarding their problems so that the best instructions are given for their convenience. Most of the time Brother printer is not printing any file in this situation many users try to update it to fix the problem but sometimes the printer is not working even after an update then you just follow the given steps to fix the Brother printer problem.

Way to Fix the Problem of Brother Printer not Working after Update

  • Once you should check to inject the cartridge is inserted properly or not.
  • If you are facing printing file problems then open the printer cover carefully.
  • After removing the upper layer you have to be careful because now you have to remove the cartridge.
  • In case if you have mistaken then you may get an ink spot on your clothes and other stuff.
  • If your printer cartridge is expired then you should purchase the new cartridge and insert it with the same process.
  • By following all the above steps you should print one file to check your printer is working or not.
  • If your printing issue is still not working then you need to take it to a service center and control Brother support directly for hardware assistance.

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