How to Fix Canon Printer Not Working?

Fix Canon Printer Not Working or Printing

Is your Canon printer not working?

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Does it ever happen to you that you are about to print an important document from your Canon printer and printer gets stuck or won’t respond? We know, it’s frustrating but you don’t have to worry as printers can be aberrant at times but can be fixed quickly following some simple solutions listed below!!

#1. Check the Printer’s Set up

We don’t realize but sometimes the issue lies in the printer’s port or cables. Yes, you might be using the wrong port for your Canon printer or there may be some connection issues if you are using a wireless printer.

Hence, you need to establish a strong Wi-Fi connection or you can also set the correct port for your printer. For changing printer’s port settings:

  • Push the windows and R keys together and enter “control” into the run box.
  • Then under the view by option, choose large icons and select devices and printers tab.
  • Thereafter, open your Canon printer properties and hit the change properties tab.
  • Next, under the Ports tab, check the description of your port. It should be set as “USB”, if the printer is connected via USB and “WSD”, if your printer is a network printer.
  • At last, apply the changes and go to General tab.
  • Here, you can print a test page to ensure that changes made to the port are correct or not.

#2. Start the Printer Troubleshooter

  • If nothing is wrong with the port, you can fix the printer using the Windows in-built troubleshooter.
  • To start the troubleshooters for your Canon printer, just tap on the windows key and choose troubleshoot option.
  • Next, select your printer and tap on “run the troubleshooter”.

#3. Resume the Print Spooler

  • To reset the Print spooler service, enter service .msc in the run box and choose print spooler from the list.
  • Then click on restart button and fix your printer.


The best way to fix your Canon printer is by calling our support number. 

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