How to Fix BitDefender Antivirus Not Opening on Windows?

BitDefender is one of the finest online security programs that help you to protect your device from online threats such as viruses, malware, etc. However, sometimes many users face issues with their BitDefender, and many of them can be easily fixed with simple troubleshooting that users can apply. 

So, if you are someone who’s BitDefender antivirus not working then read this Brief Guide To Fix Common Issues On BitDefender, article further, and understand few troubleshooting tricks. 

Methods to Solve BitDefender Antivirus Not Working

The following are the top issues that can you can easily fix without any hassle in your BitDefender security program. 

Solution 1: Fixing SSL Certificates Issues ON BitDefender

In case, if you are facing issues with your BitDefender’s SSL Certificates such as they are not getting verified then you can disable the Scan SSL feature in your security program.

  • Launch the BitDefender application and then select Features.
  • Now, move to the Web Protection and then select Settings 
  • Here, select the Scan SSL option to disable it.

Solution 2: PC Is Unable To Boot Post Installation Of BitDefender

PC unable to boot is another BitDefender antivirus common problem that is usually faced by users. However, this issue is caused by incomplete uninstallation of the previous security programs. Hence, here’s how to fix this problem quickly.

  • First, you’ll need to reboot your PC in the Safe Mode and then move to the option.
  • Next, Run the un-installation process with administrator permissions and then wait until the BitDefender is completely uninstalled. 
  • Hereafter, reboot the PC device again and then try to install the BitDefender program once again. 

Solution 3: Fix BitDefender Not Opening on Windows

Many users have reported BitDefender antivirus not opening an issue in their PCs. However, this usually happens when their security program isn’t installed properly in their device.  On the other hand, Window’s Windows Defender is another security program that may restrict your BitDefender unable to work. Hence, make sure that you remove the BitDefender program from the restricted list. 

Solution 4: Fixing BitDefender Firewall Activating Problem

BitDefender also includes a protective firewall but sometimes it doesn’t get enabled. However, this usually happens when service in Windows – Base Filtering Engine (BFE), is missing. The Base Filtering Engine (BFE) file is responsible for controlling the Windows Filtering Platform and is needed for most of the firewall products installed on Windows. Read the steps mentioned below to fix the BFE file in your PC.

  • Scroll to the Computer/This PC icon and then right-click on it.
  • Here, select Manage and then open the Services and Applications.
  • Next, select Services and then find the Base Filtering Engine or BSE.
  • At last, double click on the BSE file to open it and then check its status.
  • Here, the Start-up type should be Automatic, and the Service status should be up & running.

Therefore, the aforementioned steps should help you to fix the BitDefender issues without any hassle. On the contrary, is your BitDefender Not Opening on Windows? If yes, then you must get in touch with tech support executives and take professional assistance on fixing the BitDefender issues.


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