AOL Email Account Recovery Methods

AOL Account Recovery

AOL Email Account Recovery Process

This article will guide you on What Is the Process of the AOL Account Recovery Process in Multiple Ways.

As talking about AOL, it is one of the popular web portals and Online service providers. It provides the services of email, instant messaging, web browsing, and so on. However, it’s quite an easy process to create an AOL account, although sometimes AOL users might face account logging issues, due to forgetting password problems. So, if you are having the same trouble, and facing AOL account logging issue due to forgets or lost password? Then you don’t require to worry about account recovery or password reset. AOL Account Recovery option is available to retrieve a forgotten password. Follow the below-mentioned recovery steps to recovered the account password easily.

There are multiple ways possible to recover the AOL account password. These are:

  1. Alternate/secondary Email ID
  2. Recovery Phone Number
  3. Security Questions

Through the above-mentioned AOL Account Recovery ways, you can surely reset a new password of your AOL account and regain your account in a simple and fast way.

Further, you can take guidance about these recovery ways and simple steps to recovering the account of the forgotten password problem.

Way 1: AOL Account Recovery Via Email ID

  • For Reset AOL Account Password, firstly, go to the AOL account login page.
  • After that press the left mouse button on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Now type your AOL Email ID, and Press on Next.
  • Then choose the ‘I forget password’ option.
  • Next, tick on the ‘text me verification code’ option.
  • Then AOL will send a password reset link/verification code at your alternate Email ID.
  • Check your email inbox to view a verification code.
  • Then submit that code into the required textbox, and Press on Continue.
  • Finally, set a new password in the text box.
  • Then re-enter the password into another box, and Press on Done.

Now, you can successfully log into your AOL account again by a new password.

Way 2: AOL Account Recovery Via Phone Number

  • Open the AOL Account Recovery page.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Then enter your AOL Email ID, and Press on the Next tab.
  • Now, select the I forget my password option.
  • Click on the Yes text me verification code option.
  • Then AOL will send a verification code via SMS at your recovery Phone Number.
  • Now verify your phone number to see Verification code, and enter that code in the text field. Then press the Continue button.
  • Now, enter a new password and type again the new password in both the text fields.
  • Ensure to make a strong password, Also the password must be comprised of characters, alphabets, and numeric digits.

Now your AOL account password has been recovered successfully.

Way 3: AOL Account Recovery Via Security Questions

  • For Reset AOL Account Password via security questions follow these steps:
  • Open go to the official AOL website, and click on ‘Login’ button.
  • Enter your AOL Email id or username in the text field.
  • Now you will have to reach the option and select the ‘Security questions’ recovery method.
  • Then provide the correct answers to the security questions accordingly.
  • Once you are done, then press the ‘Verify’ button.
  • Enter a new AOL password in the both the text fields.
  • Press on the ‘Continue’ tab.

In this manner, you can complete the process of AOL Account Recovery.


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